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Pictured below are examples of some of the harnesses that we produce.  We make many other varieties using a host of different interconnect product brands. 



14 gauge, 4 conductor with insulated terminals and stripped conductors.  14 Gauge Harness

18 gauge, 7 conductor type CM cord.
Two conductors shortened on each end. Housing on one end.  Various terminals on the other end, including .110 quick connect terminals and heat shrink insulation.
Motor Harness
18 gauge, 4 conductor type SJT.  Housing. Ring and .187 quick connect terminals.  Folded and tied for ease of assembly and packaging. Long Length Harness
18 gauge, 3 conductor type SJT.  Extra long green/yellow lead. You Specify Lengths And Terminal


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Made With Pride In The USA

last update: September 29, 2010